All our work is fully guaranteed and all our estimates are provided free of charge and without obligation, and references can be supplied on request. 

Building Costs 

The cost of any building, repair or refurbishment works is simply the amount of money you will need to spend to complete any such works. When estimating the costs for you we will take into consideration the price of labour and materials that would be involved in the complete job from start to finish. Once we have provided you with a quotation and assuming nothing changes, for example, additional work is requested or we come across any unforeseen problems, we guarantee to deliver your project on time and to budget. 
If you are aiming to rebuild your entire house and are looking to get an accurate assessment of the cost of the rebuild, you could use the handy cost calculator provided by RICS - CLICK HERE 
Before you use the calculator you’ll need to know your home’s external floor area for both upstairs and downstairs (m2 or ft2): this will give you the rebuilding cost per square metre. To get this, go outside and measure the length and width of the downstairs wall, then multiply these two figures together. If the upstairs is identical to the downstairs, simply double the ground floor area. If it’s different, calculate the upstairs area separately and add it to the downstairs result.